Second Day (June 2).

2 Jun

Moon:  Waxing Crescent

Flow/Texture: 1/4 oz., thick, chunky, dark red, elastic

Mood: slightly less sour

Symptoms: mild cramping

Still dealing with this cold: sore throat, headache, stuffy/runny nose, weakness.  I’m drinking lots of green tea and feeling increasingly better.

Diva Cup insertion–smooth and easy.  Slight leakage once it was time to empty it.  We’re officially back together again.


First Day (June 1).

1 Jun

Moon:  Waxing Crescent

Flow/Texture: Free bleeding

Mood: cold-induced sourness

Symptoms: bloating, cramping

This will be my second cycle with my menstrual cup.

I found it after having lost it a little over two years ago.  Didn’t bother buying a new one.  The first one I had, I destroyed after putting it in boiling water on the stove and falling asleep.  Waking to the smell of melted, burning silicone was an experience.

I made the mistake of thinking insertion would be easy, but as with most my first days, my vagina does not like being touched, much less gouged by long-forgotten objects.  However, I, unfortunately, was not deterred.  After much pain and menstrual cup folding, twisting and pulling;  I got it in.  A hollow victory as the soreness lasted well into the second day.

It leaked once, and badly.  Luckily I was home.  Overall, I was glad to have it back, nonetheless.

It was my plan to be easy breezy today:  books and meditation, tea, wine.  Resume all the things I put down a while back.  However, I ran out of wine,  I have a cold, and the cramps are killer.  I’d like tomorrow to be better.


Day 2 (December 12).

12 Dec

This is the start of day 2.  The Diva and I aren’t speaking right now.  I waited until she and her friends, Heavy and Slippery, arrived before deciding to answer her knock.  Consequently, she did not like that and refused to come in and have a seat.

A shower could unite us, make things right, but that would be too easy and since I’ve neglected the laundry as well, I’m just going to bloody up a few safe, but non-menstrual fabrics for the time being.

NB:  the last cycle was 24 days.

The first day was painful, but not bad (bloating, mild acne, cramping.)  I’d describe it as constant, moderate ache, rather than intermittent stabbing pain.

Fourth Day (Nov. 20).

20 Nov

Moon:  Full Moon

Flow/Texture:  1 teaspoon, brown, liquid texture, chunky bits

Mood:  fine

Symptoms:  none


Another light period bringing itself to an end.  Not sure I like this very much.

I wanted to mention that I did manage to find some enjoyment in being sick for a half a week, despite not having been sick several years:  the cold ritual.  Drinking green tea loaded with honey, walking around and lying huddled in my blanket, the soups!

My throat felt like sand paper, but when I swallowed the warm, sweet tea, it felt instantly better–if only for a little while.  There were canned soups, sure, but they were fragrant and delicious.  I took them for granted before, but this time, I forced myself to slow down and enjoy them.  Oh, and there was rosemary oil in my oil burner.  Thanks to the rituals, I was able to enjoy the scent–and I think it not only helped with my headaches, it inspired some good writing for Nanowrimo–but I’m not supposed to talk about that here.  Overall, it felt good to take care of myself like that.

Nonetheless, I hope it will be a good, long time before I have to do it again.

Third Day (Nov. 19).

19 Nov

Moon:  Waxing Gibbous

Flow/Texture: one tablespoon, dark red, thick, yet liquid-like texture

Mood:  fine

Symptoms:  none


Small amount, really just coating the sides of the up.  I’m starting to feel like myself again, but tiny bits of strangeness popping up intermittently–like reminders.

Second Day (Nov. 18).

19 Nov

Moon:  Waxing Gibbous

Flow/Texture:  ¼ oz, dark red, elastic, strong blood scent,

Mood:  fine

Symptoms:  pulsing, throbbing, soul-killing headache


I woke up with a terrible headache that I couldn’t Hitachi my way out of.  It lasted maybe an hour or so, but it felt like forever.  I’ve taken to wearing my cup longer than normal.

First Day (Nov. 17).

17 Nov

Moon:  Waxing Gibbous

Flow/Texture: free flow

Mood:  sour, irritable

Symptoms:  cramps, pain, bloating

A strange one, being a day late.  I felt the cramps and aching several before I started to bleed.  Hitachi was on soothe-duty and helped quite a bit, but water came through in the end.  I’ve had a really bad cold this week and I just knew that I’d have to put up with both menstrual aches and a cold.  Thankfully, however, the cold has abated over the past few days.